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The Whale (2013)
Elderly Tom Nickerson recalls how, in 1819, he went to sea as cabin boy on the whaler 'The Essex', leaving Nantucket. Its recently promoted captain George Pollard is a kindly man, unlike first mate Owen Chase and Tom notes their mutual animosity though, inspired by tales from his grandfather, envisages life at sea as romantic. A storm and a food shortage puncture his illusions but spirits are raised when a whale is sighted and caught. However some two months later another whale attacks and sinks the ship - in what Tom believes to be an act of revenge - and the crew take to the long-boats...
Year: BBC
Country: UK
Directed by : Alrick Riley
Written by : Terry Cafolla
Cast: John Boyega, Paul Kaye, Jonas Armstrong, Jassa Ahluwalia, David Gyasi, Ferdinand Kingsley