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Daniel Deronda (2002)
It is across the roulette table that Gwendolen Harleth first locks eyes with the enigmatic Daniel Deronda. Gwendolen is beautiful, vivacious, and a gambler, but desperate for financial security; something that possessive Henleigh Grandcourt would be able to provide for her. Daniel is the adopted son of an aristocratic, but doubtful of his own identity. He pours his energy into selflessly helping his friends, including poor Jewish singer Mirah Lapidoth. As Gwendolen's situation becomes dire, and Daniel seeks to uncover the mystery surrounding his own birth, their lives become intertwined...
Year: 2002
Country: UK, USA
Directed by : Tom Hooper
Written by : Andrew Davies
Cast: Jodhi May, Edward Fox, Amanda Root, David Bamber, Hugh Dancy, Romola Garai, Hugh Bonneville
Literary source: George Eliot "Daniel Deronda"