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Frenchman's Creek (1998)
Seeking to escape the stifling London court society, the beautiful headstrong Lady Dona St. Columb flees to her family estate on the Cornish coast. Her new freedom swiftly brings her into contact with the dashingly handsome French privateer Jean Aubrey who sweeps her off her feet and into a world of adventure on the high seas very different from her dull and boring life at court with her husband Sir Harry. Together with Jean Aubrey and her enigmatic servant William, Lady Dona conceives a daring plan to steal a ship right from under the noses of the English authorities. The theft enrages the authorities who make every effort to trap the French Pirate. However, as the noose begins to tighten around the lovers, Lady Dona is faced with the dilemma of duty and children with Sir Harry or freedom and excitement with Jean Aubrey.
Year: 1998
Country: UK
Directed by : Ferdinand Fairfax
Written by : Patrick Harbinson
Cast: Tara Fitzgerald, James Fleet, Tim Dutton, Anthony Delon
Literary source: Daphne Du Maurier "Frenchman's Creek"